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Washington Tax Deeds

Washington Tax Deeds

Washington Tax Deeds

Sale Type Tax Deeds
Interest Rate N/A
Bid Method Highest Bidder
Sale Date(s) Winter
State Statute(s) Title 84
Over-the-Counter Yes
State Website

Washington State Overview:

After the counties have held onto tax lien certificates that have been delinquent for three years, they will hold a sale offering the tax deed at auction. The county will publish the list of tax deed properties in the local newspaper approximately three weeks prior to the sale. The property owner has until 5:00 pm the day before the auction to pay his or her back taxes, fees, and any penalties. This is what the starting bid will begin at also including any administrative costs. Some counties in Washington do have tax deed properties that are available after the tax sale. They are called “tax-title” properties and will be found under the real property division. Most of the tax-title properties are land. Washington does provide some funding in some of the counties. It will start at a 9.25% interest rate and can carry a contract for up to ten years for a $50,000 tax deed. Here are a few of the counties that have funding: Coos, Clackamus, and Deschutes. Quit claim deed forms can be found on

Washington is an oral bid state that uses the “Premium Bid” method. The tax deed will be bid up in price until a high bidder has been established. The starting bid will include all taxes, fees, administrative costs, and any penalties. Each bidder is required to register before the tax deed auction begins. It is possible for one to stand in another’s stead for bidding.Y ou must contact the county and get a notarized statement giving permission for that person to represent you.


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