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Texas Redemption Deeds

Texas Redemption Deeds

Texas Redemption Deeds

 Sale Type:  Redeemable Tax Deed
 Interest Penalty:  25% Penalty per 6 Month Period
 Bid Method:  Premium Bid
 Redemption Period:  6 Months or 2 Years
 Sale Date(s):  First Tuesday of Every Month
 Statute Section(s):  Ch 34, Tax Sales and Redemption – Sec 34.01
 Over-the-Counter:  Yes – Struck Off, Trustee, or Land Trust Properties
 Texas State Website:

Texas State Overview

Texas is a popular state because as they say “everything is bigger in Texas.” Texas offers one of the highest, if not the highest, interest rates available of all 50 states. After the first year you may make 50% penalty interest on your investment. Many of the counties in Texas use law firms to handle their back taxes and sale of redeemable tax deeds. You can find the main law firms that handle Texas here:

For any county that does not use a law firm, check with the tax collector department for that county.

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