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Tax Liens have been available for investment for over 200 years, and they are legal in all states and counties in the United States.

Whenever a homeowner fails to pay their taxes, this could be property taxes or federal and state income taxes, the local authorities can issue a tax lien certificate on their property.

The certificate shows the taxes that are owed along with any interest and penalties. Tax lien certificates are typically auctioned off to investors looking to profit.

The buyer of a certificate gets the right to receive the outstanding tax payments plus a predetermined interest rate. Crucially, if the taxes aren’t paid, you as the certificate holder will be awarded the property.

In other words, tax liens are a very attractive investment because it’s tied to a hard asset, real estate.

And tax liens can be an excellent and often much safer alternative to investing in a hyper-volatile stock market.

Every year there are millions of tax liens available for auction all over the country.

With cash strapped local authorities desperate for funds to pay teachers, police officers and to keep the lights on…

And with many homeowners struggling to make ends meet due to rapid rising cost of living, tanking stock markets and higher interest rates…

2023 will likely see an explosion in tax lien opportunities available to investors.

It’s a “Win-Win” Investment!

When you think about it… it’s no wonder that tax liens are growing in popularity amongst investors either.

When you buy a tax lien certificate you have a very high chance of coming out ahead – no matter what happens!

If the delinquent fails to pay… you’ll own a property you have gotten for anywhere between 50% to 75% off market price. You now have an asset you can sell, flip or even rent out for steady cash flow.

If the delinquent pays their taxes, you’ll get your money back plus 16% or even 25% in interest.

In other words you could make a quick 25% profit on real estate without ever owning a single house… without ever touching a hammer or a bucket of paint… and without having to deal with any tenants.

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